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Richard Dunn dunnr Director of Course Management and Student Records School of Arts and Sciences The College
Spring 2020 (Deactivations ONLY)
Spring 2019
Music of Africa
African Contemporary Music: North, South, East, and West. Come to know contemporary Africa through the sounds of its music: from South African kwela, jazz, marabi, and kwaito to Zimbabwean chimurenga; Central African soukous and pygmy pop; West African Fuji, and North African rai and hophop. Through reading and listening to live performance, audio and video recordings, we will examine the music of Africa and its intersections with politics, history, gender, and religion in the colonial and post colonial era. (Formerly Music 053). Fulfills College Cross Cultural Foundational Requirement.
AFRC 053 - Music of Africa
COML 053 - Music of Africa

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Molly Mcglone (mmcglone) (Tue, 08 Oct 2019 18:16:02 GMT): The HSS panel felt that this course was a better fit for Arts and Letters.
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