College (COLL)

COLL 135 The Art of Speaking

This course is designed to equip students with the major tenets of rhetorical studies and peer education necessary to work as a CWiC speaking advisor. The course is a practicum that aims to develop students' abilities as speakers, as critical listeners and as advisors able to help others develop those abilities. In addition to creating and presenting individual presentations, students present workshops and practice advising. During this ABCS course, students will practice their advising skills by coaching and mentoring students at a public school in Philadelphia.

Taught by: Weber

Course usually offered in fall term

Activity: Seminar

1 Course Unit

Notes: Students need to apply and are interviewed by the instructor and Associate Director of CWiC

COLL 220 Literatures of the World

Literatures of the World" is an "umbrella course" covering a family of related courses numbered COLL 221 to 229 each dealing with a particular non-English literature in its original language. These courses, several of which are taught each semester, encourage the understanding of literature within the social contexts in which it was created and examine the works' continuing significance in the modern literary arena. They also introduce students to works of creativity and cultivate their powers of textual perception by providing them with tools for literary analysis, interpretation and criticism. Although the content of the various courses is drawn from specific literary traditions, the emphasis in each course is on developing and strengthening students' general capacity for understanding meaning. The interpretive strategies for literary analysis that the students acquire are universal and applicable to any modern literary tradition. A crucial component of any of these classes is writing analytical essays, thereby training the students to formulate their thoughts in a coherent, well-articulated manner. The current roster includes courses from the following departments: Germanic Languages & Literatures (German); Near Eastern Languages & Literatures (Arabic, Hebrew); Romance Languages (French, Spanish); Slavic Languages (Russian); and, South Asia Studies (Hindi).

For BA Students: Arts and Letters Sector

Taught by: Staff from the various Language and Literature departments

Course not offered every year

Activity: Seminar

1 Course Unit