Integrated Studies (INTG)

INTGĀ 201 Visualizing the Past

Course not offered every year

Activity: Lecture

1 Course Unit

INTGĀ 301 The Evolving Self from Antiquity to Contemporary Biology

This course will examine ideas about human nature by considering the human being as an organism. Questions of what counts as life will unfold from a close scrutiny of the idea of agency. We will work through five main avenues: Agency & Causes, Genetic Self, Evolutionary Self, Ecological Self, and the Ethical Self. In each investigation we will pair ancient Greek ideas with those from contemporary philosophy of biology. The pairing will aim, to some extent, to expand our historical understanding of how such ideas change over time, and to a greater extent, to sharpen our own understanding of human nature itself.

Taught by: Tuma, Struck

Activity: Seminar

1 Course Unit

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