Master of Science in Translational Research (MTR)

MTR 510 Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research

This introductory course lays the foundation for understanding practical aspects of conducting clinical research in an academic environment. The course is divided into two modules: Module 1: Research Methods & Protocol Development and Module 2: Regulatory Environment for Clinical Trials. The first module introduces clinical research, clinical protocols, study designs and biostatistics that underlie such studies. The second module covers ethical considerations in clinical research, study execution and oversight, and the regulatory environment for clinical research. Upon completion, students should have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of clinical research and should be able to apply contemporary research tools to clinically relevant areas of investigation.

Taught by: Emma Meagher, MD

Course usually offered in fall term

Also Offered As: REG 510

Activity: Lecture

1 Course Unit

MTR 620 Translational Therapeutics

To provide an in-depth view of the process by which scientific discoveries are commercialized. This course covers discovery in the laboratory, technology transfer, regulatory, financial, and managerial issues involved in moving a technology from the lab into the market place. The course contents fall into three broad categories: (1) examples of scientific discoveries that are candidates for commercialization, (2) fundamental elements of technology transfer, such as intellectual property protection and licensing, and (3) aspects of commercialization, such as regulatory approval, financing, and startup formation. In using this structure, the course provides parallel coverage of both the science and the commercialization process, in such a way that the elements of one contribute to the student s experience in learning the other.

Taught by: Nalaka Gooneratne, MD and Tomas Isakowitz, PhD

Also Offered As: BE 608

Prerequisites: Undergraduates and graduate students in other departments are welcome. Please contact to request permission to register.

Activity: Lecture

1 Course Unit