History of Art, Minor

The Minor in the History of Art, like the Major, aims to deepen students’ knowledge of artistic production and practice over the scope of human history. A Minor program in art history may complement the student’s Major in a cognate field, or it may be unrelated to the student’s primary field instruction.

Minor Requirements
Survey Course Requirements
Take 22
Prehistory to Renaissance: Introduction to Western Art from its Beginning to 1400
Renaissance to Contemporary: Introduction to Western Art, 1400 to the Present
Art and Civilization in East Asia
Introduction to Art in South Asia
Architect and History
Special Study Areas 4
Any 200, or 400 level course or 300 Seminar
ARTH 200 or 400 level course 1

Courses 2-3 is ARTH 200 or a 400 level course.

Course 4 is ARTH 200 or a 400 level course or a related course