Nanotechnology, Minor

Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that underpins next generation energy, communications, and health care solutions.  The Nanotechnology minor provides the foundation to contribute to these advances.  The program is accessible to engineering and physical science students.

SEAS Second Major or Minor Option

Students interested in a second major (College students only) or minor with SEAS are required to meet with the Undergraduate Curriculum Chair from the major/minor department you wish to declare to discuss requirements and obtain approval on the Second Major or Minor form. The approved form must be returned to the SEAS Research and Academic Services Office, 109 Towne Building.

Nanotechnology Minor

EAS 2101
Basic Science and Engineering Electives
Select one of the following:1
Thermodynamics of Fluids
Heat and Mass Transport
Electronic, Photonic, and Electromechanical Devices
Electric and Magnetic Fields I
Thermodynamics I
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer
Quantum Physics of Materials
Energetics of Macro and Nano-scale Materials
Biotechnology and Biophysics Electives
Select one of the following:1
Introduction to Biotransport Processes
Introduction to Biotechnology
Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
Laboratory in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Physical Models of Biological Systems
Nano/Micro Fabrication Devices Electives
Select one of the following:1
Quantum Computer and Information Science
Principles of Microfabrication Technology
Advance Transportation Seminar, Air Transportation Planning
Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Fabrication and Characterization of Micro and Nanostructured Devices
Nano Electives
Select two NANO electives 12
Total Course Units6

 Program approval required.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2018 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.