Wharton MBA Entrepreneurship & Innov Major Elec (WMEI)

FNCE 7500Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation0.5-1
FNCE 7510The Finance of Buyouts and Acquisitions0.5-1
HCMG 8670Health Care Entrepreneurship0.5
IPD 5150Product Design1
LGST 7290Intellectual Property Strategy for the Innovation-Driven Enterprise0.5
LGST 8060Negotiations1
LGST 8130Legal and Transactional Aspects of Entrepreneurship0.5-1
MGMT 6910Negotiations1
MGMT 7120Managing Strategic Partnerships0.5
MGMT 7210Corporate Development: Mergers and Acquisitions0.5-1
MGMT 7290Intellectual Property Strategy for the Innovation-Driven Enterprise0.5
MGMT 7310Technology Strategy0.5-1
MGMT 7650Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management: Practices and Institutions of Silicon Valley0.5
MGMT 8020Change, Innovation & Entrepreneurship0.5
MGMT 8040Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management0.5
MGMT 8090Private Equity in Emerging Markets0.5
MGMT 8110Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition0.5
MGMT 8120Social Entrepreneurship0.5
MGMT 8160Building Human Assets in Entrepreneurial Ventures0.5
MGMT 8310Entrepreneurship Launchpad0.5-1
MGMT 8330Strategies and Practices of Family-controlled Companies0.5-1
MKTG 7270Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce0.5
MKTG 7340Idea Generation and the Systematic Approach for Creativity0.5
MKTG 7410Entrepreneurial Marketing0.5
OIDD 5150Product Design1
OIDD 6140Innovation0.5
OIDD 6360Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution0.5-1
OIDD 6620Enabling Technologies0.5-1
OIDD 6910Negotiations1
REAL 8910Real Estate Entrepreneurship0.5