WH UG JWS: Joseph Wharton Scholars (WUJW)

ACCT 2110Tax Policy and Practice in the Philadelphia Community1
ACCT 2700Forensic Analytics1
ACCT 2970Taxes and Business Strategy1
AFRC 2180Diversity and the Law1
BEPP 2110Tax Policy and Practice in the Philadelphia Community1
BEPP 2508Managerial Economics1
BEPP 2650Economics of Diversity and Discrimination1
BEPP 2800Applied Data Analysis1
ECON 2100Intermediate Microeconomics1
ESE 3010Engineering Probability1
ESE 4020Statistics for Data Science1
FNCE 1008Corporate Finance (Honors)1
FNCE 1018Monetary Economics and the Global Economy (Honors)1
FNCE 2400Central Banks, Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets1
FNCE 2970Taxes and Business Strategy1
HCMG 3220The Health Care Ecosystem: Evolution, Structure and Current Issues1
HCMG 3570Healthcare Data and Analytics0.5-1
LGST 1008Ethics and Social Responsibility1
LGST 1018Law and Social Values1
LGST 2150Environmental Management: Law & Policy1
LGST 2180Diversity and the Law1
LGST 2260Markets, Morality & the Future of Capitalism1
MEAM 4150Product Design1
MGMT 2240Leading Diversity in Organizations0.5
MGMT 2650Culture of Technology: Culture & Institutions of the Tech Sector--Bridging Research and Practice0.5
MGMT 2720Power and Politics in Organizations0.5
MGMT 2930People Analytics1
MKTG 1018Introduction to Marketing1
MKTG 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
OIDD 2930People Analytics1
OIDD 3190Advanced Decision Systems: Evolutionary Computation1
OIDD 3250Computer Simulation Models1
OIDD 4150Product Design1
OIDD 4900The Science of Behavior Change1
PSYC 4900The Science of Behavior Change1
STAT 1018Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 1028Introductory Business Statistics1
STAT 4300Probability1
STAT 4310Statistical Inference1
STAT 4320Mathematical Statistics1
STAT 4330Stochastic Processes1
STAT 4420Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis1
STAT 4710Modern Data Mining1
STAT 4750Sample Survey Design1
STAT 4760Applied Probability Models in Marketing1
STAT 4900Causal Inference1
WH 1508Evaluating Evidence1
WH 2970Wharton Industry Exploration Program0.5
WH 3990Honors Thesis0.5
WH 3991Honors Thesis0.5