Wharton UG Management Concentration Elec (WUMG)

LGST 2910Negotiations1
LGST 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
MGMT 1110Multinational Management1
MGMT 2090The Political Environment of the Multinational Firm1
MGMT 2110Competitive Strategy1
MGMT 2120Social Entrepreneurship0.5
MGMT 2130Entrepreneurship through Acquisition0.5
MGMT 2140Market Dynamics and Technical Change1
MGMT 2230Business Strategy1
MGMT 2250Value Creation and Value Capture in American Business History1
MGMT 2300Entrepreneurship0.5
MGMT 2310Entrepreneurship Launchpad0.5-1
MGMT 2330Strategies and Practices of Family-Controlled Companies0.5-1
MGMT 2370Management of Technology1
MGMT 2380Organizational Behavior1
MGMT 2410Leading for Impact: Tackling the Biggest Societal Challenges1
MGMT 2420Corporate Goverance, Executive Compsenation and the Board1
MGMT 2430Work and Technology: Choices and Outcomes0.5
MGMT 2480How to be the Boss0.5
MGMT 2490Mergers and Acquisitions1
MGMT 2640Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management1
MGMT 2650Culture of Technology: Culture & Institutions of the Tech Sector--Bridging Research and Practice0.5
MGMT 2720Power and Politics in Organizations0.5
MGMT 2880Managing and Competing in China1
MGMT 2910Negotiations1
MGMT 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5
OIDD 2910Negotiations1
OIDD 2920Advanced Negotiation0.5