WH UG NSME: Natural Science, Math, Engineering (WUNM)

ANTH 0030Human Origins, Evolution and Diversity1
ANTH 1430Explorations in Human Biology1
ANTH 1610Humans and the Earth System: How it Works, How We Got Here, and How to Save Our Planet1
ASTR 0001A Survey of the Universe1
ASTR 0006The Solar System, Exoplanets, and Life1
ASTR 1211Introduction to Astrophysics I1
ASTR 1250Astronomical Techniques1
BCHE 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
BIOL 0004Killer Viruses: What threat do they pose in contemporary society?1
BIOL 0014Descent with Modification: An introduction to the science of evolution1
BIOL 1101Introduction to Biology A1.5
BIOL 1102Introduction to Biology B1.5
BIOL 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
BIOL 1121Introduction to Biology - The Molecular Biology of Life1
BIOL 1123Introductory Molecular Biology Laboratory.5
BIOL 1124Introductory Organismal Biology Lab.5
BIOL 1604Humans and the Environment1
BIOL 2010Cell Biology1
BIOL 5110Neural Systems and Behavior1
BIOL 5310Molecular Physiology1
CHEM 0250Structural Biology0.5
CHEM 1000Academic Based Community Service-Chemistry Outreach1
CHEM 1011Introduction to General Chemistry I1
CHEM 1101General Chemistry Laboratory I.5
CHEM 1102General Chemistry Laboratory II.5
CHEM 2410Principles of Organic Chemistry I1
CHEM 2510Principles of Biological Chemistry1
CIS 1050Computational Data Exploration1
CIS 1070Visual Culture through the Computer's Eye1
CIS 1100Introduction to Computer Programming1
CIS 1200Programming Languages and Techniques I1
CIS 1210Programming Languages and Techniques II1
CIS 1250Technology and Policy1
CIS 1400Introduction to Cognitive Science1
CIS 1600Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science1
CIS 1810The Quantum and the Computer1
COGS 1001Introduction to Cognitive Science1
EAS 2420Energy Education in Philadelphia Schools1
EAS 2610Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
EESC 1000Earth Systems Science1
EESC 1002Geology Laboratory1
EESC 1030Oceanography1
EESC 1050Earth and Life Through Time1
EESC 1060Natural Disturbances and Disasters1
EESC 1500Paleontology1
EESC 3003Penn in the Alps1
ENGR 1010Introduction to Engineering: Energy, Environment and Sustainability1
ENGR 1050Introduction to Scientific Computing1
ENGR 2120Concepts in Micro- and Nanotechnology1
ENVS 1000Introduction to Environmental Science1
ENVS 1020Humans and the Earth System: How it Works, How We Got Here, and How to Save Our Planet1
ENVS 1615Urban Environments: Speaking About Lead in West Philadelphia1
ENVS 1625Community Based Environmental Health1
ENVS 1635Urban Environments: Prevention of Tobacco Smoking in Adolescents1
ENVS 1645Urban Environments: The Urban Asthma Epedemic1
ENVS 1650The Role of Water in Urban Sustainability and Resiliency1
ENVS 1665Air Pollution: Sources & Effects in Urban Environments1
ENVS 3103Penn Global Seminar: Case Studies in Environmental Sustainability1
ENVS 4200The anthropocene: Human-dominated Earth1
INTG 2610Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
LING 0001Introduction to Linguistics1
LING 0750Language and Thought1
LING 1005Introduction to Cognitive Science1
MATH 1248Community Math Teaching Project1
MATH 1410Calculus, Part II1
MATH 1510Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices1
MATH 1610Honors Calculus1
MATH 2020Proving Things: Analysis1
MATH 2030Proving things: Algebra1
MATH 2100Mathematics in the Age of Information1
MATH 2400Calculus, Part III1
MATH 2410Calculus, Part IV1
MATH 2600Honors Calculus, Part II1
MATH 2800Entropy Math Evolution1
MEAM 1010Introduction to Mechanical Design1
NETS 1120Networked Life1
NRSC 0030Neurobiology of Brain Disorders1
NRSC 0050Forensic Neuroscience1
NRSC 0060Music and the Brain1
NRSC 1110Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
NRSC 1160ABCS of Everyday Neuroscience1
NRSC 2249Cognitive Neuroscience1
NURS 0061Biologically-Based Chemistry.5
NURS 1120Nutrition: Science & Applications1
NURS 3120Nutritional Aspects of Disease1
NURS 3430Global Engagement Seminar1
NURS 3550Case Study: Self-Care of Chronic Illness1
NURS 3750Nutrition Throughout The Life Cycle1
NURS 3760Issues in Nutrition, Exercise, and Fitness1
NURS 3800Nursing in the Community2
NURS 3820Public Health Nursing Care in Communities1.5
NURS 7350Pediatric Acute Care NP: Professional Role and Intermediate Clinical Practice1
PHIL 1831Evolution's Laboratory1
PHIL 1840Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PHYS 0016Energy, Oil, and Global Warming1
PHYS 0080Physics and Consciousness1
PHYS 0137Community Physics Initiative1
PHYS 0140Principles of Physics I (without laboratory)1
PHYS 0141Principles of Physics II (without laboratory)1
PHYS 0150Principles of Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0151Principles of Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 0170Honors Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion1.5
PHYS 0171Honors Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
PHYS 2280Physical Models of Biological Systems1
PSCI 2401Emerging Technologies and the Future of the World1
PSYC 0001Introduction to Experimental Psychology1
PSYC 1210Introduction to Brain and Behavior1
PSYC 1230Cognitive Neuroscience1
PSYC 1310Language and Thought1
PSYC 1333Introduction to Cognitive Science1
PSYC 1340Perception1
PSYC 1440Social Psychology1
PSYC 1450Personality and Individual Differences1
PSYC 1462Abnormal Psychology1
PSYC 1777Introduction to Developmental Psychology1
PSYC 2737Judgment and Decisions1
VIPR 1200Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) Seminar, Part I0.5
VIPR 1210Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) Seminar, Part II0.5
VLST 2090Visual Culture through the Computer's Eye1
VLST 2110Perception1