V.L. Policy on Unauthorized Copying of Copyrighted Media

(Source: Vice President for Information Systems and Computing, Almanac, September 15, 1992)

The University of Pennsylvania does not condone or tolerate the unauthorized copying of copyrighted media by staff, faculty, or students. The University shall adhere to its contractual responsibilities and shall comply with all copyright laws, and expects all members of the University community to do so as well.

Members of the University community who violate this policy may be subject to discipline through standard University procedures. An individual or University department engaged in the unauthorized copying or use of copyrighted materials may also face civil suit, criminal charges, and/or penalties and fines. Subject to the facts and circumstances of each case, such individual or department shall be solely responsible for its own defense and any resulting liability.

(See page 3 - Almanac, September 15, 1992)