VI.B. Acceptance of Gifts, Grants and Contracts

(Source: Offices of the President and Provost, Almanac, March 21, 1978; revised, Almanac, May 23, 1978)

The University of Pennsylvania enjoys financial support for its programs of instruction and research from many sources, public and private; faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue such support with vigor. Programs undertaken with the aid of external funding must, however, be fully consonant with the standards, character and responsibilities of the University. Conditions for the acceptance of gifts, grants and contracts include:

  1. That the purposes to be served are academically worthy, are in accord with the needs and priorities of the University, and are not impediments to the achievement of other academically worthy aims or programs;
  2. That there are no conditions attached to the gift, grant or contract that would in any way jeopardize the University’s commitment to the principles of academic freedom and nondiscrimination;
  3. That any academic appointment supported by such gifts, grants and contracts be made only in accord with established University procedures;
  4. That all established University policies fostering the free dissemination of research results (and otherwise restricting secret research) are respected; and,
  5. That acceptance of the gift, grant or contract entails no University financial obligations in the present or at any time in the future except those known and judged to be worth the expenditure or financial risk.

(See page 4 - Almanac, May 23, 1978)