University of Pennsylvania Required Disclosures

I. Non-Loan Related Disclosure Requirements

A. Availability of Institutional Financial Aid Information

  1. Notice of availability of financial aid information:
  2. Contact information for assistance in obtaining institutional or financial aid information:

B. Student Financial Assistance

  1. Student financial aid information:
  2. Notice of federal student financial penalties for drug law violations:

C. General Institutional Information

  1. Consumer information on College Navigator website:
  2. Cost of attendance
  3. Net Price Calculator:
  4. Refund policy, requirements for withdrawal and for the return of Title IV, HEA financial aid: 
  5. Banking Relationship Disclosures
    In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education's guidelines, Penn makes information on its marketing relationships with financial institutions publicly available. Such disclosures can be found on the PennCard website.
    For additional information on banking options visit:

II. Disclosures Related to Educational Loans

  1. State Grant assistance
  2. Student loan information published by the Department of Education
  3. National Student Data System:
    NSLDS: National Student Loan Data System (
  4. Entrance counseling for student borrowers
  5. Exit counseling for student borrowers
  6. Private education loan disclosures (including self-certification form) are provided to students by their private lenders and found here:
  7. Code of Conduct for education loans
  8. Preferred lender lists: Penn does not have preferred lender lists.
  9. Preferred lender arrangements: Penn does not have preferred lender arrangements.

HEOA Disclosure Requirements:

III. Professional Licensure Disclosures

For more information or to request a paper copy of the disclosures, please contact the Office of the Provost at 215-898-7225 or