I.A. Introduction

The University of Pennsylvania is a non-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Under the Charter, the Trustees are charged with the ultimate responsibility for the course of the University. The administrative management of the University, on the other hand, is delegated by the Trustees to the President. The University’s faculties participate in the decision-making process through two major bodies advisory to the President and administration—the University Council and the Faculty Senate. Non-faculty employees and students also participate with the faculty in the University’s governance through their membership in the University Council and in an extensive number of advisory groups and committees. In addition, the University has a policy on consultation that articulates procedures for involving faculty, staff and students in decision-making where the administration has final or primary responsibility.

Organizationally, the University is divided into twelve schools. Each school is under the direction of a dean. Some schools are further subdivided into departments.