I.D. The Faculties and the Schools

(Source: Statutes of the Trustees, Article 7, January, 1956; revised, 1979; revised, Article 9, June 17, 1983; revised as Article 10, November 2, 2001; revised, February 11, 2005; revised, September 18, 2008)

There shall be such faculties and such schools as authorized by the trustees. The Trustees recognize the following (listed in the order of their origin):

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences, including the College of Arts and Sciences as its undergraduate division, the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Liberal and Professional Studies, as its lifelong learning program.

Faculty of Medicine
The Perelman School of Medicine

Faculty of Law
The School of Law

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
The School of Engineering and Applied Science

Faculty of Design
The Stuart Weitzman School of Design

Faculty of Dental Medicine
The School of Dental Medicine

Faculty of the Wharton School
The Wharton School

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
The School of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Education
The Graduate School of Education

Faculty of Social Policy and Practice
The School of Social Policy and Practice

Faculty of Nursing
The School of Nursing

Faculty of Communication
The Annenberg School for Communication