Architecture, MArch

The Master of Architecture Professional Degree is a comprehensive and rigorous program, preparing graduates for the full range of activities in the profession. An intensive sequence in Design Studios constitutes the focus of the program. Thorough training is also provided in history, theory, technology, ecology, society, and professional practice. Studios and courses are supported by a rigorous program in visual studies that develops skills in digital and new media. At the upper levels of the program students establish individual trajectories by selecting from a range of elective studios and courses with leading figures in design, technology and theory. The final year culminates in advanced design studios that include research directed by leading designers as well as the option of an independent thesis. Summer programs abroad and studios based in other countries provide opportunities for international studies. The program aims to develop critical, creative and independent thinking that realizes potentials within an ever-changing world. The Master of Architecture degree is a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and is a STEM designated program.

Students who hold a five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture degree or its equivalent are not eligible to apply to the Master of Architecture program. They are encouraged to look into one of the post-professional Master of Science in Design degree programs.

The Master of Architecture Program may be combined with certificate programs offered in the Weitzman School of Design.


A total of 29 course units are required for graduation.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCourse Units
ARCH 5010 Design Studio I 2
ARCH 5110 History and Theory I 1
ARCH 5210 Visual Studies I 0.5
ARCH 5310 Construction I 0.5
ARCH 5350 Structures I 0.5
 Course Units4.50
ARCH 5020 Design Studio II 2
ARCH 5120 History and Theory II 1
ARCH 5220 Visual Studies II 0.5
ARCH 5320 Construction II 1
ARCH 5360 Structures II 0.5
 Course Units5.00
Second Year
ARCH 6010 Design Studio III 2
ARCH 6110 History and Theory III (consists of two 0.5 courses) 1
ARCH 6210 Visual Studies III 0.5
ARCH 6310 D3 Data, Design, Delivery 0.5
ARCH 6330 Environmental Systems I .5
 Course Units4.50
ARCH 6020 Design Studio IV 2
ARCH 6710 Professional Practice I .5
ARCH 6340 Environmental Systems II 0.5
ARCH 6360 Material Formations 1
Elective I 1
 Course Units5.00
Third Year
ARCH 7010 Studio V 2
ARCH 7710 Professional Practice II 1
Elective II 1
Elective III 1
 Course Units5.00
ARCH 7040 Advanced Design: Research Studio 2
Technology Designated Elective: 1
Technology Designated Elective 1
or Technology Designated Elective
Elective IV 1
Elective V 1
 Course Units5.00
 Total Course Units29.00

Note: Students with an undergraduate degree in a subject other than architecture may be admitted to the program beginning in June to take ARCH 5000, a 2 CU preparatory studio, prior to entering the first year of coursework for the M. Arch. Students in this curriculum must complete a total of 31 course units to earn the Master of Architecture degree. 

Course Waivers

In some instances, students with a specialized background in a subject will be given permission to waive a required course. A course waiver waives the course requirement NOT the total course units to complete the degree.


A total of 1 CU in the category of Technology-Designated Elective is needed to meet the degree requirements. Take one 1 CU ARCH 7320 course or take two 0.5 CU ARCH 7360 courses.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.