Health Leadership, MSN

Our Health Leadership Master’s program prepares professional nurses for leadership roles in many healthcare fields such as global and public health, nursing education, consulting, health policy and risk management, and quality improvement.

You’ll have unparalleled freedom to design the focus of your studies to best match your interests and career goals. We emphasize research and systems thinking and provide you with the chance to develop leadership skills. Five core leadership courses are requisite and the remainder of your course of study is designed with program faculty to inform your career interests (three are nursing leadership electives and four courses may be taken anywhere within the University).   


A total of 12 course units are required.

Due to the number of electives in the program, students can earn multiple minors or can pursue dual degrees. Dual degrees are offered with the Public Health Program (MSN/MPH), with the Bioethics Department (MSN/MBE), and with the Law School (MSN/ML). Minors are offered in Quality Improvement and Safety Processes in Healthcare, Organizational Dynamics, and in Transformative Nursing Education.

Core Nursing Courses
NURS 650Systems Thinking in Patient Safety1
NURS 748Leadership Development in Healthcare1
NURS 699Advanced Roles in Administrative Nursing Practice1
NURS 540Current Issues In Health and Social Policy1
or NURS 708 Public Policy Leadership in the American Public/Private System of Health Care
Research Requirement
NURS 547Scientific Inquiry for Evidence-based Practice1
or NURS 637 Introduction to Research Methods and Design
or NURS 500 Introduction to Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
Leadership Electives
Select 3 course units of Nursing leadership electives3
Nursing Theory Electives
Select 4 course units of theory electives within the University4
Total Course Units12

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2020 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.