Historic Preservation, MSHP

The Master of Science in Historic Preservation degree requires two academic years of full-time study, including core subjects and specialized study in one of four focus areas: architectural conservation, preservation design, preservation planning, and public history of the built environment.


A total of 19 course units are required.

All courses must be pre-approved by the student's advisor prior to registration each semester. In addition, students are expected to complete a summer institute (HSPV 7900) before their first year, and a summer internship between their first and second years of study.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SummerCourse Units
HSPV 7900 Historic Preservation Summer Institute 0
 Course Units0.00
HSPV 5210 American Architecture 1
HSPV 6000 Documentation, Research, Recording I 2
HSPV 6240 Digital Media for Historic Preservation I 0.5
HSPV 6600 Theories of Historic Preservation 0.5
Select 1 HSPV Elective 1 1
 Course Units5.00
HSPV 6010 Documentation, Research, Recording II 1
HSPV 6270 Digital Media for Historic Preservation II 0.5
HSPV 6610 Theories of Historic Preservation II 0.5
Select 2 HSPV Electives 1 2
Select 1 General Elective 1 1
 Course Units5.00
Second Year
 Course Units0.00
HSPV 7010 Historic Preservation Studio 2
HSPV 7100 Thesis I ((or HSPV Elective IV) ) 1
Select 2 General Electives 1 2
 Course Units5.00
HSPV 7110 Thesis II ((or Capstone Studio for 2 CUs)) 1
Select 2 HSPV electives 1 2
Select 1 General Elective 1 1
 Course Units4.00
 Total Course Units19.00

Elective Courses: 4 of the 10 elective courses can be outside of Historic Preservation. For a list of eligible courses, please seek permission from the HSPV advisor.

Preservation Design

Building Pathology
Contemporary Design in Historic Settings
Preservation and Development of Urban Heritage in the Americas
Advanced Preservation Studio
Historic Preservation Capstone Studio

Public History of the Built Environment 

Historic Site Management
Public History - Theory and Practice
Introduction to City Planning: History, Theory and Practice
American Domestic Interiors
Cultural Landscapes and Landscape Preservation
Celebrations in the Contingent City
Topics in Historic Preservation

Preservation Planning

HSPV 5720Preservation Through Public Policy
HSPV 6250Preservation Economics1
HSPV 6710Historic Preservation Law1
CPLN Elective Course

 Architectural Conservation

HSPV 5550Architectural Conservation1.0
HSPV 5510Building Pathology1.0
HSPV 7400Conservation Seminar: Finishes1.0
HSPV 7390Conservation Seminar: Masonry1.0
HSPV 7380Conservation Seminar: Wood1.0

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.