Individualized Major, MBA

You may find that your course choices do not fit within the standard majors at Wharton. In this case you may plan an individualized major as an alternative to the existing majors. Wharton offers this option for students who have specific, carefully determined interdisciplinary interests and wish to acquire depth in an area not adequately covered by any of the existing majors. To pursue an individualized major, you must propose a theme, course plan, and title for the major and describe how the proposed courses address the theme. You should submit this proposal on an Individualized Major Request form to a faculty member for approval. Completed forms should be submitted to the MBA Program Office in 300 Jon M. Huntsman Hall for final approval. When possible, this form should be submitted toward the end of the third semester in the MBA Program.

The following rules apply to individualized majors:

  1. An individualized major must be a sole major; it may not be pursued in conjunction with an existing major.
  2. The title of the individualized major must not sound like “general management” or like an existing major or combination of existing majors.
  3. Your proposal for the individualized major must be approved by a faculty member in the relevant field and an administrator in the MBA Program Office.


A minimum of 19 course units is required for graduation.

Only one (1) CU of pass/fail coursework can be counted toward the major.

Individualized Major Requirements
Select 5 course units of Wharton courses5.0
Select 4.5 course units of electives4.5
MBA Core Requirements9.5
Total Course Units19

MBA Core Requirements

Select one of the following:0.5-1
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
Fundamentals of Financial and Managerial Accounting
Finance 1
Corporate Finance
Select one of the following:0.5-1
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance (Half CU)
Select one of the following:0.5-1
Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment
Macroeconomics and The Global Economic Environment (Half CU)
Legal Studies
LGST 611Responsibility in Global Management0.5
or LGST 612 Responsibility in Business
MGEC 611Microeconomics for Managers: Foundations0.5
MGEC 612Microeconomics for Managers: Advanced Applications0.5
MGMT 610Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership0.5
MGMT 611Managing Established Enterprises1
or MGMT 612 Management of Emerging Enterprises
MKTG 611Marketing Management0.5
MKTG 612Dynamic Marketing Strategy0.5
or MKTG 613 Strategic Marketing Simulation
OIDD 611Quality and Productivity0.5
or OIDD 615 Operations Strategy
Select one of the following: 20.5
Quality and Productivity
Business Analytics
Online Business Models and the Information-Based Firm
Operations Strategy
STAT 613Regression Analysis for Business 31
or STAT 621 Accelerated Regression Analysis for Business
Management Communication
WHCP 611Management Communication0.25
Select one of the following:0.25
Advanced Persuasive Speaking
Communication Challenges for Entrepreneurs: "Pitching your Business"
Persuasive Writing for Business Leaders
Total Course Units9.5

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2020 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.