Master of City Planning + Master of Fine Arts

Students in the City and Regional Planning/Fine Arts dual-degree program will uniquely blend important aspects of the Fine Arts curriculum - such as public art and monument studies (includes its administration), the management of the body in both public and private terms, and subject formation in the context of conceived habitus of the built environment -- with the deeper understanding of placemaking, cultural theory, and research methods that comes from the City Planning curriculum. In recent decades, spatial production and the regulation of space have become important concerns for many contemporary artists. Ethical issues as they play out in the social environment are often a driver of artistic interest. Reciprocally, the field of city and regional planning increasingly looks to the model of art to self-interrogate and self-innovate towards a more transdisciplinary practice. Graduates from this dual-degree program are well-suited to be strong candidates for positions in nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

The dual-degree program is designed to be completed in three academic years.

Total CUs for the Dual-Degree: 29
Students completing the MCP/MFA dual-degree need 29 total CUs, plus one (1) City Planning internship. Completed on their own, the MCP requires 18 CUs and the MFA requires 19 CUs. Note: a minimum of 15 course units are required within the MCP degree under the PAB accreditation.


City Planning Requirements
CPLN 5000Introduction to City Planning: History, Theory and Practice1
CPLN 5010Quantitative Planning Analysis Methods1
CPLN 5020Urban Economics and Public Finance1
or CPLN 5090 Law of Planning and Urban Development
CPLN 5030Modeling Geographical Objects1
Breadth Methods Course1
CPLN 6000Studio I2
CPLN 7010Planning Studio2
or CPLN 7020 Planning Studio
or CPLN 7030 Planning Studio
or CPLN 7040 Planning Studio
or CPLN 7050 Planning Studio
or CPLN 7060 Planning Studio
or CPLN 7070 Planning Studio
Concentration courses 15
CPLN Elective 11
CPLN Summer Internship0
Fine Arts Requirements
FNAR 5010Graduate Studio I1-2
FNAR 5020Graduate Studio II1-2
FNAR 6020Graduate Studio IV1-2
FNAR 7010Graduate Critique I1
FNAR 7020Graduate Critique II1
FNAR 7030Graduate Critique III1
Graduate MFA Seminar1
Graduate MFA Seminar1
FNAR Elective1
2 General Electives2
Total Course Units29

If a concentration requires 5 courses, students take 1 elective. If a concentration requires only 4 courses, students take 2 electives.

See Concentration Requirements for specific Concentrations:

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.