Nursing, MPN

Penn Nursing’s Master of Professional Nursing (MPN) Program is a pre-licensure master’s entry program designed for post- baccalaureate non-nursing students who desire to lead in the delivery of high quality, safe, equitable nursing care for diverse populations with complex care needs.


Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCourse Units
NURS 5070 Pathophysiologic Mechanisms & Pharmacologic Interventions in Caring for Individuals and Populations 2
NURS 5010 Ways of Knowing for Nursing Practice I: Assessment of Health 1.5
NURS 5020 Ways of Knowing for Nursing Practice II: Promoting Health & Health Equity 0.5
NURS 5100 Nurses Caring for Psychiatric Mental Health of Individuals: Theory & Behavioral Health Management  1.5
 Course Units5.50
NURS 5140 Advancing Leaders in Health & Health Equity .5
NURS 5040 Nursing Caring for the Individual Adult and Across Populations 1.5
NURS 5050 Nurses Coordinating Care for Adults and Older Adults 1.5
NURS 5251 Ethics of Patient Care and Decision-Making in Nursing 1
NURS 5471 Scientific Inquiry for Equity-Centered Evidence-based Nursing Practice 1
 Course Units5.50
NURS 5370 Systems Approach for Promoting Safe Nursing Practice 0.5
NURS 5190 Nursing Caring for Family I: Sexual and Reproductive Health 1.5
NURS 5200 Nurses Caring for Family II: Pediatric Health and Wellness 1.5
NURS 5300 Nurses Caring for and across Communities 1.5
 Course Units5.00
Second Year
NURS 5780 Inquiry-based Innovation for Nursing Practice 1
NURS 5400 Current Issues In Health and Social Policy 1
NURS 5600 Nurses Leading in Complex Care 2
NURS Elective 1 1
 Course Units5.00
 Total Course Units21.00

Graduate-level (5000+) NURS or NUTR elective course relating to program outcomes or NURS Graduate-level Case Study. Other electives by permission.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2024 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.