Statistics and Data Science, MA

Wharton’s Bridge to a Doctorate in Statistics and Data Science is a two-year research master’s (AM) degree program which provides advanced coursework and research experience to students who need additional preparation for admission to a doctoral program.

Bridge Fellows will work with faculty on an individualized curriculum built around their interests and goals.

As part of the goal of the Statistics and Data Science Department, this Bridge Program seeks to prepare students for a doctoral program in an inclusive learning environment and is committed to supporting the academic success of students from a rich diversity of backgrounds and social experiences.

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The total course units for graduation in this major is 10.

Course Requirements
5000-Level-and-Above Classroom Courses Approved by the Student's Faculty Mentor
Master's Level Independent Study Courses Approved by the Student's Faculty Mentor
Non-Course Requirements
Master's Final Exam
Master's Thesis

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.

The Dual AM Degree in Statistics and Data Sciences is offered only to students enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Penn. Students pursuing more than one research master’s degree in passing to their Ph.D. should note: While some courses can count towards both a PhD and research master’s degree, no courses can count towards three or more degree programs at Penn. Penn Law, Medicine (Professional), Dental, or Vet school students will not be permitted to enroll in the program.   The Master's degree cannot be granted after the PhD is awarded.


Statistics and Data Science Department Courses
Select 6 CU from 5000 level or 9000 level Statistics and Data Science Department Courses6
Additional Courses
4 additional CU of approved Penn courses with statistical content4
Courses can be from Statistics and Data Science or other departments. Minimum grade of B- required.
Master's Thesis
An approved master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is a research paper that makes substantial use of statistics and is not part of a student’s dissertation (though it can be related to the dissertation work) or material you completed for a course (though it can build on a paper completed for a course). The thesis can be original research or can be a literature review of some area of statistics related to a student’s research. The thesis must be approved by a standing faculty member in the Statistics Department who has agreed to serve as an adviser for the project.
Certification of Doctoral Qualifying Exam
Total Course Units10