School Policies

The majority of Penn Nursing policies can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of the Catalog.

The following additional policies apply specifically to School of Nursing students:

The curricula leading to degrees in nursing require students to engage in diverse and complex experiences directed to the practice, refinement and full acquisition of essential nursing competencies and functions.  Unique combinations of cognitive, behavioral, sensory, communication, psychomotor, and communication abilities are required to perform these functions in a satisfactory manner and to consistently demonstrate these competencies.  In addition to being essential to the successful completion of the requirements for the respective nursing degree, these competencies and functions are necessary to ensure the health and safety of patients, fellow students, faculty and other health care providers.  This statement describes the minimum competencies and functions necessary for entrance to, continuation in, and graduation from the nursing degree programs of the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania.  Candidates for nursing degrees must be able to meet these minimum standards with or without reasonable accommodation.

This document serves as the official policy for student use of social media at the SON. These guidelines apply to all students creating or contributing to any kind of social media affiliated with the SON. Please check back periodically to make sure you're up to date. We trust that you will adhere to these policies. If, for any reason an incident occurs that violates the policy, we expect you to bring it to our attention immediately so we can work together toward a resolution. 

The School of Nursing recognizes the importance of educating its students about the problems of substance abuse because this significant health risk, and in many cases, criminal matter, is unfortunately prevalent among healthcare providers. Aside from impacting upon the personal and psychological integrity of the abusers, substance abuse may significantly impact the ability of healthcare providers to administer safe, competent patient care. Recognizing that substance abuse is both a disease and a professional hazard, the School of Nursing has incorporated substance abuse topical content areas into its curriculum. The School of Nursing has likewise established this substance abuse policy.

This policy impacts upon and augments the student’s ability to maintain personal and professional integrity, and facilitates the student’s success both clinically and didactically. It promotes a healthy learning environment for the student. In the clinical setting, this policy enhances patient safety. It also fosters the development of professional nurses who are well educated about the prevalence and adverse outcomes of substance abuse.