East Asian Area Studies, Minor

East Asian Area Studies focuses on East Asia as a region of the world and human experience, and provides an integrated curriculum drawing on the approaches of the social sciences and the humanities. The program requires relevant courses in areas including history, international relations, political science, sociology, legal studies, and East Asian arts and cultures, while maintaining high standards in language study.

With intensive language courses (4 course units) the Minor will require 8 course units.

Minor Requirements
Language Requirement
Select a minimum of 2 course units in one language:2
Advanced Japanese I
Japanese for the Professions I
Advanced Japanese II
Japanese for the Professions II
Advanced Japanese III
Advanced Japanese IV
Readings in Classical Japanese I
Advanced Japanese for Proficiency I
Advanced Japanese for Proficiency II
Readings in Advanced Japanese
Readings Advanced Japanese II
Japanese-English Translation
Intensive Beginning Korean I & II
Korean for Heritage Speakers I
Korean for Heritage Speakers II
Business Communication in Korean
Advanced Korean
Advanced Korean II
Business Korean I
Business Korean II
Current Korean Media I
Current Korean Media II
Advanced Readings in Modern Korean I
Advanced Readings in Modern Korean II
Advanced Business Korean I
Advanced Business Korean II
Advanced Academic Korean I
Advanced Academic Korean II
Beginning Business Chinese I
Beginning Business Chinese II
Reading and Writing in Chinese I (for Fluent Speakers)
Reading and Writing in Chinese II (for Fluent Speakers)
Reading and Writing Chinese III (for Fluent Speakers)
Reading and Writing Chinese IV (for Fluent Speakers)
Advanced Chinese I
Advanced Chinese I
Advanced Chinese II
Chinese Short Stories
Business Chinese I
Business Chinese II
Media Chinese
Readings in Modern Chinese: Literature I
Readings Modern Chinese: Literature II
Readings in Modern Chinese: Documents
Introduction to Classical Chinese II
Advanced Business Chinese I
Advanced Business Chinese II
Advanced Readings in Chinese Culture
Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
Beginning Chinese I
Beginning Chinese II
Intensive Beginning Chinese I & II
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Intensive Intermediate Chinese I & II
HIgh Intermediate Chinese I
High Intermediate Chinese II
Beginning Japanese I
Beginning Japanese II
Intensive Beginning Japanese I & II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Intensive Intermediate Japanese I & II
High Intermediate Japanese I
High Intermediate Japanese II
Beginning Korean I
Beginning Korean II
Intermediate Korean I
Intermediate Korean II
High Intermediate Korean I
High Intermediate Korean II
Gateway Course
Select 1 course unit in Introduction to China, Japan or Korea:1
Introduction to Chinese Civilization
Introduction to Japanese Civilization
Introduction to Korean Civilization
Select a minimum of 3 course units of Electives in consultation with the Major Adviser:3
Attribute AEAJ - Japanese
Attribute AEAK - Korean
Attribute AEAN - Chinese
Attribute AETR - Transnational or Comparative East Asia
Total Course Units6

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.