Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, BSE

Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics (MEAM) is the study of forces, deformations and motions of solid bodies and fluids, heat generation and transport, and applications to analysis, design, and manufacture of components, machines, and systems. Students in mechanical engineering follow a program which contains basic groundwork in all aspects of mechanical engineering, but flexibility in the curriculum allows students to pursue elective programs in fields such as aeronautics, robotics, computers, electronics, automatic controls, and materials.

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM) Major Requirements

40 course units are required. Read more about the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

MEAM 203Thermodynamics I1
MEAM 210Statics and Strength of Materials1
MEAM 211Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics1
MEAM 247Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I0.5
MEAM 248Mechanical Engineering Lab I0.5
MEAM 302Fluid Mechanics1
MEAM 321Vibrations of Mechanical Systems1
MEAM 333Heat and Mass Transfer1
MEAM 347Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory1
MEAM 348Mechanical Engineering Design Laboratory1
MEAM 354Mechanics of Solids1
Math and Natural Science
MATH 104Calculus, Part I1
MATH 114Calculus, Part II1
MATH 240Calculus, Part III1
ENM 251Analytical Methods for Engineering1
or MATH 241 Calculus, Part IV
Mathematics course1
MEAM 110Introduction to Mechanics1
or PHYS 150 Principles of Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion
MEAM 147Introduction to Mechanics Lab 10.5
PHYS 151Principles of Physics II: Electromagnetism and Radiation1.5
CHEM 101General Chemistry I1
CHEM 053General Chemistry Laboratory I0.5
Math or Natural Science1
Professional Electives
MEAM 445Mechanical Engineering Design Projects (Design Project I)1
MEAM 446Mechanical Engineering Design Projects (Design Project II)1
ENGR 105Introduction to Scientific Computing1
MEAM Upper Level 23
Professional Elective 24
Social Sciences and Humanities 3
EAS 203Engineering Ethics1
Select 1 Social Science course1
Select 2 Humanities courses2
Select 1 Social Science or Humanities course1
Select 2 Social Science or Humanities or Technology in Business & Society courses2
Free Elective
Select 3 course units of free electives3
Total Course Units40

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2019 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.