Graduate Group Review Student Feedback Form

PhD Graduate Groups are periodically reviewed by the Graduate Council of the Faculties (GCF) in order to identify strengths and weaknesses within each program, and to recommend any changes that may help to improve the Graduate Group. Feedback from current graduate students is an essential element in that review process. You can provide feedback by attending the meeting with the Graduate Group Review Liaison from the GCF and/or using the feedback form. Even if your Graduate Group is not being reviewed, you are welcome to fill out the form if you would like to provide feedback on your experiences in your Graduate Group.

Feedback form responses are viewed by the Vice Provost for Education, and by the Graduate Group Review Liaison if the Graduate Group is being reviewed. You are not required to provide your name or contact information. Confidentiality will be maintained for students who do provide their name. However, the feedback you provide may become part of the Graduate Council of the Faculties review report. Your demographic information is requested but will not be included in the review report.

This feedback form is intended to solicit general information and impressions about your graduate school experiences. If there is a specific incident you would like to report, please use the University’s Bias Incident Reporting Form.

If you have questions about the Graduate Group review process, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Education at or 215-898-7225.

View the Graduate Group Review Student Feedback Form: