Architecture: Advanced Architectural Design, MSD

This three-semester Master of Science in Design with a concentration in Advanced Architectural Design [MSD-AAD] is for architecture students with five-year professional bachelor degrees from the US and around the world. This course of study does not lead to a professional degree in architecture. The MSD-AAD program builds on its success as a program focused on innovation in architecture design.

The purpose of the MSD Advanced Architectural Design program is four-fold. First, to prepare students for high level design research in the profession or academy in contemporary issues that affect the architecture discipline. Second, to develop skills in emerging design and cross-disciplinary tools. Third, to critically engage the theoretical dimensions of the contemporary architectural discourse around these tools; and fourth, to integrate advanced digital modeling techniques into a design methodology that has direct bearing on the development of material, production, fabrication and construction processes and their aesthetics.

The advanced architectural design-based program starts with a mandatory ten-day workshop in design technique. A coordinated semester of advanced architectural design and courses follow after which the students join the Master of Architecture program for one year. During this year students pursue an individually directed course of study by choosing from a wide range of options in advanced architectural design studios, and elective courses offered within the Master of Architecture program.


A total of 14 course units are required.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SummerCourse Units
ARCH 7920 ARCH Summer Institute: Advanced Architectural Design Digital Workshop 0
 Course Units0.00
ARCH 7030 Advanced Architectural Design Studio 2
ARCH 7100 Contemporary Theory 1989-Present 1
ARCH 7410 Architecture Design Innovation 1
Select 1 ARCH elective 1
 Course Units5.00
ARCH 7050 MSD-AAD Design Research Studio 2
ARCH 7330 New Materials and Methods 1
ARCH 7150 Contemporary Aesthetic Theory 1
Select 1 ARCH electives 1
 Course Units5.00
Second Year
ARCH 7070 AAD Fabrication Studio 2
ARCH 7200 Visual Literacy and its Culture 1
ARCH 7470 Robotic Fabrication 1
 Course Units4.00
 Total Course Units14.00

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2024 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.