International Educational Development, MSEd

The M.S.Ed. in International Educational Development program (IEDP) prepares students with distinctive skills required to address social, political and economic concerns in the world's most marginalized communities through both academic coursework and hands-on experiences. Students draw on the program’s strong interdisciplinary foundations to develop expertise in areas such as: curriculum and pedagogy, early childhood education, gender, human rights, language policy, literacy, migration, nonprofit management, poverty alleviation, public health, program evaluation, school climate, and technology for development. Graduates of the IEDP have an enhanced understanding of the interplay of local, national, and international politics, policies, and priorities in a world of rapid educational change, and are able to critically read and persuasively communicate evidence-based knowledge to a diverse set of stakeholders.


A total of 10 course units are required for the IEDP MSEd.

Core Courses
EDUC 514Education in Developing Countries1
EDUC 622International Educational Development Program (IEDP) International Field Experience/Internship (Completed while on Internship)1
EDUC 695Proseminar in International Educational Development (Part 1 - Fall)0.5
EDUC 695Proseminar in International Educational Development (Part 2 - Spring)0.5
Research Methods Courses 1
Select 1 Quantitative Methods course 1
Select 1 Qualitative Methods course 1
Distribution Requirement 2
Select 1 Distribution Requirement course
Select 3 electives 33
Select 2 Thematic courses 42
Total Course Units10

IEDP Policy Brief

The Policy Brief is a persuasive paper in which students must define an issue in international educational development, critique existing policies based on strong evaluative criteria, or review literature on the topic where policies are not in place.  Premised on foundations in policy analysis, the brief should conclude with a set of possible solutions or policy recommendations to address the issue.

IEDP Summer Field Internship

All eligible students must complete an approved 12 week, international internship in an education and development oriented organization (typically in the summer), where there are productive work opportunities, and where interns have the skills that match the position openings.5 Domestic placements may be considered for those who request it.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2019 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.