Social Policy + Data Analytics, MSSP

The Master of Science in Social Policy + Data Analytics for Social Policy Certificate (MSSP+DA) is a 12-course, three-to-four-semester offering. MSSP + DA is a STEM-designated degree.  The MSSP Program + Data Analytics for Social Policy Certificate (MSSP+DA) is a STEM-designated degree that empowers students to leverage social policy and data analytics to address economic, educational, and health inequities. Throughout the program, the data analytic material is taught in relationship with the various theories, approaches, and domains of social policy analysis.

Despite the unquestionable relevance and powerful utility of the social analysis of digital data, there are currently not enough professionals trained in the substantive knowledge and skills of social policy analysis and data analytics. Data analytics developed as the multidisciplinary convergence of computer science, statistics, and cognitive sciences. Adding the discipline of social policy to this convergence, SP2’s Master of Science in Social Policy program plus the Data Analytics for Social Policy Certificate (MSSP+DA) is the first to train students explicitly in the use of data analytics for social policy analysis, research and evaluation. The MSSP+DA provides cutting edge training for the growing and highly needed professionals of data analytics for social policy.


A total of 12 course units plus an internship are required for graduation.

Core Courses
MSSP 6060Data for Equitable Justice Lab (2 terms of enrollment is required)0
MSSP 6070Practical Programming for Data Science1
MSSP 6080Practical Machine Learning Methods1
MSSP 6280Policy: Analysis of Issues, Strategy and Process1
MSSP 6290Research and Evaluation Design1
MSSP 6310Law and Social Policy1
MSSP 6680Economics for Social Policy1
MSSP 7100Democratizing Data? Critical Data Studies in Algorithmic Governance1
MSSP 7300Community Mapping1
MSSP 8970Applied Linear Modeling1
MSSP 6340MSSP/DA Capstone I: Telling Stories with Data0.5
MSSP 6350MSSP+ DA Capstone II: Policy Internship in Data Analytics0.5
Select 2 CU with Attribute = SMST
Total Course Units12

Social Policy Internships

The MSSP+DA provides students with competitive and cutting-edge opportunities for policy internships in data analytics that emphasize competency development in both policy analysis and data analytics. These parallel competencies position graduates to work in the fast growing and developing world of data analytics for social policy. Credit for the internship is incorporated into the MSSP+DA Capstone Seminar. The Data Analytics policy internship must consist of a minimum commitment of 150 hours.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.