Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, MSEd

The M.S.Ed. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), housed within the Educational Linguistics Division, provides a foundation in the practical, theoretical, and professional aspects of the field of language education with a focus on English language teaching. The M.S.Ed. in TESOL prepares students to teach English in settings where English is a second, foreign, or international language. The program emphasizes the many roles and functions of English language education in the political, social, and academic climate of today’s globalized world. TESOL’s course of study combines the theoretical and practical aspects of the field while emphasizing the motivations and needs of immigrants who settle in English-speaking nations, international scholars and professionals, and students in countries where English is a second or foreign language. In-depth study and field-based practice prepare  students to identify and analyze learner needs, design tailored language curricula, and use a variety of evidence-based teaching and assessment practices.


A total of 12 course units are required for the TESOL MSEd.1,2 All courses must be at the 5000 level or above.

Core Courses 3
EDUC 6215Approaches to Teaching English and Other Modern Languages1
EDUC 8215TESOL Practice Teaching 41
EDUC 6205Linguistics in Education1
EDUC 5299TESOL Classroom Fundamentals 51
EDUC 6210Sociolinguistics in Education1
EDUC 7225Second Language Development1
EDUC 6200Introduction to Applied Linguistics1
TESOL-related Elective
Select 3 electives3
Distribution Requirement
Select 1 Distribution Requirement course 61
EDUC 8225TESOL Seminar (Final Semester of Coursework) 3,71
Total Course Units12

Required Milestone:

Master’s degree candidates must demonstrate thorough knowledge of the field of specialization by passing a comprehensive examination in their area of study. The examination/portfolio/thesis serves an educational and evaluative purpose through which students are expected to review and integrate what they have learned in their coursework and fieldwork. Comprehensive formats vary.


Two courses may be transferred into the program (as electives ONLY) with the approval of ELX faculty.


Full-time registration is 3 CUs. Students must reach and maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA after the completion of the first fall semester in order to register for 4 CUs in subsequent semesters. 


Students must earn a grade of B- or higher in core courses. See the TESOL Handbook for more information.


Students may teach any language at their EDUC 8215 TESOL Practice Teaching field site.


Depending on prior academic and teaching experience, students may seek faculty permission to waive EDUC 5299 TESOL Classroom Fundamentals. If waived, this course is replaced with an elective.


Candidates for the M.S.Ed. degree must demonstrate knowledge of the field of education beyond the area of specialization. This requirement is met by satisfying the distribution requirement. To meet the distribution requirement, students must complete one approved graduate level (5000 and above) GSE course outside the student’s area of specialization, earning a grade of "B" or better. Students should check with their program manager for a list of courses approved to fulfill the distribution requirement. Further requirements regarding these courses may be specified by each division.


Students must teach English at their EDUC 8225 TESOL Seminar field site.


The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.