Creative Studies, BAAS

By studying the transformative creations of others in the social, cultural, and historical contexts in which they were produced, you can nurture your own creative expression and develop a deeper understanding of the creative process in action. A concentration in Creative Studies offered by Penn LPS Online combines experiential and applied humanities through the study of the creative arts, expanding your ability to critically analyze, compare, and evaluate the meanings and significance of creativity as expressed across a variety of media. In this degree concentration, you engage in individual and collaborative creative writing and explore a range of creative accomplishments in fields including literature, cinema studies, theater, and other arts.


The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) recognizes the power of an applied liberal arts education to provide students with strong communication skills, understanding of different cultures and perspectives, and the ability to apply their knowledge to nuanced, complex scenarios with insight, perspective, and empathy.

Overview of degree requirements

30 course units are required for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree.

Foundational Requirements8
Total Course Units30

In addition to course requirements, BAAS students complete a capstone project in their degree concentration as well as an e-portfolio.

Foundational requirements 

The foundational requirements of the BAAS degree reflect the core competencies and values of Penn LPS Online: the skills and knowledge needed to understand and solve complex problems, the ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences and an appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. Students can transfer a maximum of 4 course units of foundational courses from a regionally accredited institution. Our program team can also give a preliminary evaluation of transfer credits before students officially apply. Visit the Transfer Preparation & Policies page for more details.

Foundational Requirements
Creative Writing4
The Craft of Creative Writing
Modern and Contemporary US Poetry
Poetry Workshop
Fiction Workshop
Writing About Place
Advanced Nonfiction
Journalism Workshop
Digital Culture2
Digital Literacy & Cultural Change
A History of Digital Culture
Introduction to Working with Code
Design Thinking for Digital Projects
Intermediate Coding for Digital Strategies
Designing Critical Futures
Applications of Digital Culture
Virtual Collaboration
Writing for Social Media
Composing a Professional Identity
Advisor Approved Electives6
Courses can be chosen from:
Flourishing through Creativity and the Arts
The Power of Storytelling
Addressing Inequity through Art and Design
Any CRWR, DIGC, or ENLT courses 1
For other course options consult with your advisor
Students can transfer up to 3 CU’s of advisor approved courses into the concentration
Senior Portfolio
Total Course Units12

Links to DIGC, CRWR, or ENLT courses


Must be taken at Penn


Just as a college major serves to focus your studies during a four-year degree, the BAAS concentrations enable students to tailor their undergraduate education to specific personal and professional goals. Concentrations progress from introductory-level courses to higher-level courses so that students develop skills and knowledge with greater complexity as they move through the curriculum. Many concentrations are interdisciplinary, to provide students with opportunities to explore their areas of interest from multiple perspectives and develop a flexible approach to solving complex problems in professional as well as academic contexts. 

Creative Studies Concentration
Select 6 courses from the following course blocks:6
Creative Writing course block
Digital Culture course block
English Literature course block
Select 6 additional courses *6
Total Course Units12

With input from an academic advisor (up to 3 courses can transfer with advisor's approval).


Creative Writing courses:

Digital Culture courses:

English Literature courses: 


Electives are courses that do not apply toward your foundational or degree concentration requirements. You may choose to deepen your field of study by taking additional classes within your concentration, develop a new skill by completing all of the courses within a course block outside of your degree concentration, or discover new interests and abilities by taking individual courses that appeal to your interests. Students choose 10 electives from any of Penn LPS Online's areas of study. Transfer students can apply a maximum of 8 course units from a regionally accredited institution toward this requirement.

Senior Portfolio Requirements

Throughout the BAAS degree, students draw on their coursework to build a digital collection of materials, or Senior Portfolio. The Senior Portfolio is a powerful tool to ensure students are aligning their academic studies with their individual professional, personal, and academic goals. Developing the Senior Portfolio provides students with the opportunity to reflect on selected assignments and discover how they can be applied to the broader context of their current and future careers. Students can share their Senior Portfolio with prospective and current employers to provide evidence of the skills and knowledge they have developed through coursework.

BAAS degree students who are working on their Senior Portfolio and seeking to connect with other students about the process can do so on our virtual discussion boards through the Canvas Senior Portfolio website. Ask a question, answer a question, and meet other talented, career-focused students.

The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.