Philosophy, Politics and Economics: Choice & Behavior, BA

Philosophy, Politics and Economics allows undergraduates to study a variety of comprehensive analytical frameworks that have been developed to understand and justify political and economic structures, particularly constitutional democracy and the market system. The program prepares its graduates for careers in public policy, public services, business, and law among others.

The minimum total course units for graduation in this major is 36. Double majors may entail more course units.

For information about the General Education requirements, please visit the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum page.

College General Education Requirements and Free Electives
Foundational Approaches + Sectors1 + Free Electives20
Major Requirements
Select 1 course of Rigorous Reasoning (Pre Requirement)
Calculus, Part I
Calculus, Part II
Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices
Introduction to Logic
Logic and Formal Reasoning
Statistics for the Social Sciences I
Statistics for Economists
Introduction to Data Science
Sociological Research Methods
Social Statistics
Introductory Business Statistics
Introductory Business Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Introductory Statistics
Common Foundations
Philosophy Foundation
PHIL 1433The Social Contract1
Select 1 course of Philosophy Foundation:1
Philosophy of Science
Business Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Environmental Ethics
Introduction to Epistemology and Metaphysics
Introduction to Philosophy of Mind
Global Justice
Justice, Law and Morality
Political Science Foundation
Select 1 course of Political Theory1
Ancient Political Thought
Modern Political Thought
Contemporary Political Thought
American Political Thought
Feminist Political Thought
Select 1 course of Political Science Foundation1
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Comparative Politics of Developing Areas
Introduction to American Politics
Introduction to International Relations
International Political Economy
Constitutional Law
American Constitutional Law II
Economics Foundation:2
Introduction to Micro Economics
Introductory Economics: Macro
Psychology Foundation:1
Social Psychology
Judgment and Decisions
Common Core3
Strategic Reasoning
Public Policy Process
Behavioral Economics and Psychology
Choice & Behavior Theme
Select 5 courses in any theme5
For a description of each theme, including sample concentrations and courses, visit:
Capstone Seminar
PPE's Capstone requirement may be filled by any course listed between PPE 4500 and PPE 4902. Select one of the following:1
PPE Capstone: Social Policy
PPE Capstone: Political Economy
PPE Capstone: Networks
PPE Capstone: Modeling
PPE Capstone: Judgment and Decision Making
PPE Capstone: Obedience
PPE Capstone: Political Science
PPE Capstone: Psychology
PPE Capstone: Economics
PPE Capstone: Philosophy
Total Course Units36

You may count no more than one course toward both a Major and a Sector requirement. For Exceptions, check the Policy Statement.


Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.6 in the major.

PPE 4998Directed Honors Research1


The degree and major requirements displayed are intended as a guide for students entering in the Fall of 2023 and later. Students should consult with their academic program regarding final certifications and requirements for graduation.