Academic Opportunities

Students at Wharton have many on-campus curricular opportunities to enrich their academic experience. As a Wharton student, you can pursue specialized interdisciplinary studies through four different coordinated dual-degree programs. If the coordinated dual-degree programs do not meet your needs, you can pursue a dual degree with the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science or the School of Nursing. In addition to undergraduate degree options, submatriculation programs offer Wharton students the chance to accelerate their graduate pursuits while satisfying their undergraduate curriculum.

Academic opportunities are also available for single-degree Wharton students. Minors allow students to explore a topic of interest in-depth, while independent study options encourage students to tailor their academic experience to their intellectual interests. Additional opportunities like the Wharton Field Challenge and the Quaker Consortium only further enrich the academic experience at Wharton. Take time to learn more about all the academic opportunities available to you!

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Wharton Industry Exploration Program

These short-term, half-credit courses focus on various industries and cities and take place during school breaks.

Wharton International Programs

WIP (WH 298) is a short-term international business course that is fully escorted by the Wharton Undergraduate Division. The program gives undergraduate students an amazing global opportunity featuring business site visits, lectures at our partner schools, cultural excursions, and networking opportunities with undergraduate students and business contacts from the destination countries.

In addition to learning about another country’s business environment and culture, students earn 0.5 course units that can be used towards business-breadth or elective credits. Three WIP courses are offered each year.

Senior Capstone

The Wharton Senior Capstone (WH 398) is a for-credit, interactive business simulation that provides Wharton seniors with the opportunity to draw on their business knowledge—finance, management, marketing, leadership, and social responsibility—while formulating and executing business strategy in a competitive, team-based environment.

Utilizing real-time problem solving within a dynamic simulation environment, teams design and implement strategic plans, integrate feedback from the consequences of those decisions, and interact with other teams to create shareholder and social value.

Wharton Research Scholars

Wharton Research Scholars is an intensive one-year research program for a select group of students who are interested in conducting research under the supervision of some of Wharton’s preeminent faculty members. As part of the program, participants complete an honors thesis.

Students apply to work on a specific project they propose in consultation with a Wharton faculty member who agrees to act as their faculty mentor. Students are allowed to have more than one faculty mentor provided at least one is a member of the Wharton faculty.

Throughout the year, students convene to discuss progress, strategies, and challenges within their projects. This interaction fosters a strong scholarly community where students can learn from each other’s experience. The research scholars also meet regularly with their faculty mentors who advise the students throughout the year. The program culminates with final presentations and publication of research papers on the University of Pennsylvania Libraries’ ScholarlyCommons.