All Wharton single-degree undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 37 course units and meet the curricular requirements described below. Students enrolled in a coordinated dual-degree program should check with their program advisor to learn about their unique requirements. For a Wharton single-degree undergraduate student, the standard course load is 4 to 5 CUs per semester (see a sample course sequence).

The requirements of the Wharton single-degree curriculum are delineated on the academic planning worksheet. Details about these requirements are available via the links below.

Students are encouraged to see an academic advisor for any questions about the requirements of their academic program.

First-Year Foundations


1 required course: BEPP 1000


Select 1 of the following:MATH 1070 or MATH 1400


1 required course: Critical Writing Seminar


Leadership Journey

3 required courses: WH 1010, WH 2010, MGMT 3010
1 senior capstone course or project

Business Fundamentals

11 required courses: ACCT 1010, ACCT 1020, BEPP 2500, STAT 1010, STAT 1020, FNCE 1000, FNCE 1010, LGST 1000 or LGST 1010, MGMT 1010, MKTG 1010, OIDD 1010

Global Economy, Business, and Society

1 required course unit

Technology, Innovation, and Analytics

1 required course unit

Business Breadth

3 required course units

Concentration (Business Depth)

4 required course units

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Foreign Language Requirement

Liberal Arts and Sciences

7 required course units

  • Humanities
    • At least 1 course unit
  • Natural Science, Math, and Engineering
    • At least 1 course unit
  • Social Science
    • At least 1 course unit
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives
    • At least 3 course units



5 required course units