Global Programs

Each year Penn Abroad sends approximately 600 students abroad to earn academic credit in nearly 50 countries. Semester and academic year study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students are available in the College of Arts & Sciences, the Wharton School, the School of Engineering & Applied Science, and the School of Nursing.

Penn Abroad, a division of Penn Global, provides information about how to plan for semester and academic year study abroad, what programs are approved for academic credit, how to apply for admission, how to finance the cost, and what Penn expects of you as a participant.

Click here for information on how to get started with Semester and Academic Year study abroad, and a searchable list of all programs.

In addition, Penn Abroad also runs:

  • Penn Global Seminars - Intensive semester-long seminars with short-term travel components.
  • Global Internship Program (GIP) – The opportunity to intern or conduct research abroad for 8 to 12 weeks over the summer with funding awarded for all accepted students. Students can apply for one of the over 200 pre-approved placements or receive funding for internships secured independently.

Other global opportunities for Penn undergraduate students exist across campus, including:

  • Penn Summer Abroad – offers faculty-led undergraduate courses offered in the summer through the School of Arts and Sciences to a range of international destinations each year.
  • Wharton International Program – provides short term international business courses at three global locations each year.
  • Penn Nursing Short Term & Independent Programs – provides students with a number of elective courses that can be taken abroad, including some clinical elective opportunities.
  • Penn Engineering – provides a range of programs for undergraduate Engineering students including Summer Study Abroad, International Summer Research and Service Learning Opportunities.

Students are encouraged to speak to their department and home school about additional study abroad opportunities that may exist.